Commitment.  A simple word, really.  A word that has been tarnished, attacked, and is often the source of discomfort to those who have struggled with deep obligation or fidelity.  But commitment, particularly to the Christian climb, is ultimately the birthplace of our joy, security, and peace.  It takes us from the shallows to the depths of relationship. In his latest book, Ken Jones shares a clarion call of commitment to Christ—to The Climb.  Using modern stories and Biblical narratives with a refreshing new perspective, he encourages us to mature in our lives of faith. Undoubtedly, we will have trials and temptations, but Ken reminds us of the hope, encouragement, and passion those very tribulations should inspire in us.  In his typical storytelling style, he illustrates the source of our motivation to continue the steep, internal ascent. Get it Now

What People Are Saying:

“Ken Jones has sat across the table from me in coffee shops on numerous occasions, sharing wisdom that has changed my life for the better. Here, everyone has the opportunity to experience what I’ve come to treasure so much. Pick up this book and read it!” - By Donny Pauling

“Jesus taught a lot by story, and Ken Jones picked that up from his Great Teacher. I am always on the prowl for a book that will give me a better insight into Jesus, told in a fresh and engaging way (I hate to be bored when people talk about God). Ken kept me reading.” - By Book Nut